Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Imperial Fists Land Speeder Typhoon

Here's the latest Imperial Fist model that'll be going to the Doubles Tournament in September - a Land Speeder Typhoon. They were great in 5th edition 40k, and I think they'll still be pretty good in 6th. I guess we'll find out.

I've been told the crew look like they're having an argument over directions...

 But Matt, what if the Typhoon is rubbish in 6th edition and you need a Tornado? Won;t you have to build and paint another? Well, no! Suddenly its packing a Multi Melta and a Heavy Flamer.
 Now it's a 4th edition classic with Assault Cannon and Heavy Bolter.
Now it's... how I would have stuck it together if I was 11. Don't expect a good reception if you try and take this to a tournament.
 And the reason for the magic - magnets.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Flesh Eaters Space Marine Objectives

As promised, here are pictures of the Objectives I bult and painted for the army. Their first outing was the February 2012 40K Doubles Tournament at Warhammer World, where I was very pleased to win the best objectives award. I'm really happy with them, and I find they add a lot of character to games. My favourite is probably the Marine who's taking a quick snack mid battle. The Flesh Eaters need to get to him to preserve the secret - unfortunately, in one memorable Doubles game, this objective was claimed by my ally, Pat Dunford and his Battle Sisters - a unit of Seraphim stood around him, horrified...

For those Flesh Eaters who can stay their hunger and wait for their meat to be cooked, there's the BBQ-Droid-5000.

Slightly less silly, is the unfortunate soul who was entrusted with the SECRET DOCUMENTS.

Next up is the Servitor with Necro-Sludge. Don't ask me why it's so important, future soldiers are fighting over it; I don't know.

 I hear they have a great corporate responsibly policy.
 Finally, wounded Techmarine clutching melta bomb. I'm... not sure... how much longer... I can hold onto... this thing...!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Let's Try That Again Shall we...

As reported in previous posts, Pat and I utterly failed to get two new armies ready for the Doubles Tournament in February. I did however, get the Flesh Eaters up to scratch in time for it though, adding a Medic to the army. I'll post the full 875 point force, including those award-winning objectives (yes, they did actually win "Best Objectives"!) in a future post. I'll also post the full 1750 Flesh Eater army as well, which went on to win Bristol Vanguard Vanquish 2012 gaming tournament. In the mean time, the invincible Pat and Matt team up continues, this time in 6th edition 40K. I'm looking to take my Imperial Fists, as I'm convinced lots of Tactical Squads in Rhinos that can fall back and rally are the way to go. They do need some support in the gunishment stakes, hence this chap. Just finished building him, and he obviously needs painting, but I reckon quad-Autocannon should be good for shooting down pesky aircraft. I wanted him to look heavily reinforced, to support the weight and recoil of the massive cannons, so I used the Ironclad Dreadnought body. If I can fit them on the base, I'll try and add some Big-O style reinforcement chains that he's shot into the ground to counter the enormous recoil.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Warhammer 40,000 Doubles Tournament, 5 days to go…

So the deadline is getting very close now... Fortunately all the models in the Flesh Eater army are finished now (some could do with a little touching up, but they're good enough for a tournament). The final actual model is this chap: An Apothecary / Sanguinary Priest, using parts from the Space Marine command squad. He's been modelled with extra meat from the Kroot sprue (well, they are the Flesh Eaters) to get his colleagues up on their feet and extra angry.

Now I just have to put together and paint five award-winning objectives...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Warhammer 40,000 Doubles Tournament, 14 days to go…

Well as many of the doubters predicted, Pat and I will sadly not be taking the Macragge PDF / Ultramarine 1st company army to the Doubles Tournament. So, it’ll be the old fall back of the Flesh Eaters Space Marines and Pat’s Battle Sisters. I can’t complain too much – we came fourth out of 120-odd teams last time with this combination, and with some modifications, these forces should be even more effective.

I’m going through and cleaning, fixing and finishing off the Flesh Eaters where necessary. I’ll be adding one or two new models too – I’ll post pictures when they’re finished. In the mean time, here are the first of the newly spruced Flesh Eaters – Librarian Elijah and Mechanised Assault Squad Number one. The Librarian is converted from various marine bits, the Sergeant is built from parts from the Blood Angels Death Company and the Razorback turret has been converted from Space Marine Plasma Pistols, a Razorback Lascannon and plasticard.

I hate it when the doubters are right.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Repair cost ... 0.0

So after the semi-disastrous replacement of the control arms on the 330Ci (which involved the garage cutting sections out of my car and re-welding them), when the windscreen washers went, I wasn't looking forward to more costs. However, the motors could clearly still be heard, which implied something else was wrong. So, I pulled the washer tank out of the car to investigate. The only tool needed here is a 10mm socket and wrench to remove the bolt that holds the tank in place.

The object trailing from the cable to the left is the windscreen washer pump motor. There's another inside the engine bay that runs the headlamp washer, along with another cable that connects to the washer tank level sensor. I then checked over the tank itself.

I figured something must be wrong when no liquid started pouring out of the holes in the bottom. Pulling the filters out revealed: this!


A bit of washing up liquid and a brush later, back to factory finish. The left one is the headlight washer filter, the right one is the windscreen washer filter.

I gave the tank a bit of a clean and removed the old washer fluid as well (it was a bit sludgy in there as well).

That is cleaner!

I then replaced everything, tightened the 10mm bolt that holds it all in and...

Yay! Result. Estimated cost at garage - £40. Actual Cost 0.0.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bristol Vanguard Vanquish 2011 and Jason Gaylard's Deathwatch Space Marines

So Bristol Vanguard’s Vanquish event has been and gone – as ever, it was a great event with fantastic gaming boards. The new venue (Oasis Academy, Shirehampton) was excellent, if anything, better than the previous. The larger hall gave the 60 gamers extra space, and allowed the food stall to be in the same room, adding to the atmosphere. There was even room for one Target-Gaming to set up shop selling the new Grey Knights. The results are available here (and you’ll see that yours truly did pretty poorly), but the main highlight for me is always best army. There were some pretty cool armies there this year, but the well-deserved winner was Jason Gaylard, with his Deathwatch Space Marines. Jason’s Mantis Warriors have previously featured on this blog, and it’s great to have another of his armies shown here. The Deathwatch draw their marine s from nearly all the chapters of the Imperium and Jason’s ensured that no two in the army are the same – each one has had its own heraldry sculpted on. The free hand on the vehicles looks great too and really draws the eye. As I say, a well-deserved winner.

Also, 10 points to anyone who can name all the chapters.